On 19. of January, BMW launched a new Connected Car Service, called BMW Labs. This is a kind of Beta Program for new connected car features and Apps.

For the launch, BMW Labs provide channel ready to IFTTT, that was one reason for me to take a closer look and the options for useful integration into the openHAB system.

The first use case for me is presence detection, currently I realize this with the IFTTT iOS App, but this is not always reliable. So I create a recipe that controls the presence detection based on the vehicle geo-fencing (Enter or Exit a specific area).


That’s a good start, but I want more…

Information’s are always good, so I create a recipe that sends me the status of my security system as notification to the car.


At next, i want to know, where I have parked my BMW, in openHAB! Just create a new String Item, in my case I call it “Car_Position” and a new recipe that transfer the GPS coordinates direct to this item.



GPS coordinates are good, but for human readable quite difficult, so i need a GPS to street converter. Google Maps Geocode API can do this for me. So i create another String Item in openHAB called “Car_Position_Address”.

At this point you dont need an API-Key. Below are my two Script written in PHP:

At last, i create a rule in openHAB, that will run on every change on “Car_Position” to convert the coordinates into the address.

This is, what it looks like in openHAB


And this is, what it looks like in the BMW Labs Widget (Sorry for the bad image quality, it was dark outside).


Next Project: Travel Time Calculation (of course with traffic information) based on current car position 🙂

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